Join forces and change the world.

Check your energy balance. Compare and compete with friends and the world.

Get cool badges for achieving energy and social targets.

Get valuable Changers Credits for each watthour of your self-produced green energy. Redeem the Credits for sustainable goods and services on our marketplace.


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Change the world as part of our community.

Here you can see your energy production and compare with your friends and the world.

You can take part in local and global competitions, plus earn cool badges for achieving energy production goals.

Here you can manage your devices, monitor your CO2 savings, and earn Changers Credits that can be redeemed through our marketplace for sustainable producrs and services.

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In order to be successful in our fight against climate change, awareness in indispensable. Every single one of us should know what kind of impact we have on our climate, how we can protect it and how we can bring about change. These are the most fundamental challenges of our time.



Produce your own energy

To produce your own energy is a first step towards freedom and independence. A step, which every single one of us can take, on a path that we tread all together.

The first two devices of our Starter-Kit are the intelligent an powerful solar charger  Kalhuohfummi and the super light and flexible solarmodule Maroshi. We have designed and developed them in Berlin and are produce our devices in Germany.

We are proud, that we have made it this far. And we believe, that the immediate experience of producing your own energy will lead to an awareness, that will drive the necessary change in our economy and in our society.


Use your own energy

Be independent and free with your own solar energy. Use it for phoning, playing or working. Your energy is free from any CO2-burden and an expression of your lifestyle.

Easy, lightweighted and always at hand. It is portable, not bigger than an iPhone nevertheless powerful enough to charge thousands of different devices up to tablet PCs. That's how sustainable energy should look like.

Our Starter Kit has been awarded the IF Product Design Award and the Green Good Design Award 2012 and it got nominated for the German Design Award 2013.


Be a part of the Changers Community

The strength of a community is it's conscious acting in the interest of all of us. The measurability of contributions is the premise for competition and an enduring participation.

The solar charger Kalhuohfummi measures the exact amount of your energy production and the resultant CO2-savings. It stores your data together with your user ID and a time-stamp and you can upload this data to your account on, to facebook and Twitter.

Your actions against climate change become visible in the Changers community. You can compete with your friends and see which cities are the most active. And you will always see how much we have achieved together. That's what it's all about, to make the strength of a community visible, in which everyone does their bit - day after day and gram after gram.



Get rewarded for your actions

For each self-generated watt hour you get one Changers Credit, which you can redeem for sustainable services and products on our Social Energy Marketplace - the first platform for private CO2-trading.

Changers Credits are based on one watt hour of self-generated renewable energy and correspond to a CO2-saving of half a gram. You can redeem them on our marketplace for products and services of our partners.

With it you have the great opportunity to get to know new innovative products, encourage companies to pay even more attention to sustainability and encourage them to produce and offer more sustainable products. And, of course, you even save  money.


That's us

Made in Germany

And CO2-free


Daniela und Markus are the founders and the driving force behind Changers. Located in Berlin they were fascinated from the very beginning in the possibility to drive change through technological development. 

For us sustainability means to produce locally in Germany, to maintain jobs within the local economy and to be rewarded with great quality.

You can also set your Starter Kit "CO2 free" for 10 Changers Credits. In return we plant a tree, which during its lifetime will bind a multiple of the CO2-emission generated by the production of your devices.