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Please find below our latest press releases and further informations regarding the Changers’ development. For any further questions you can find our contact details below. Looking forward to get in touch with.

December 15th, 2014 – Changers presents new app: Changers CO2 fit
Press Release (PDF)
Press kit

January 28th, 2014 – Changers Series A funding
Press Release (PDF)


Press contact

For all inquires regarding US and Canada please contact our press representative
Zing PR – Tim Cox – Tel. +1-650-888-6116  or via e-mail: tim<at>zingpr<dot>com

For all further inquires, please get in touch with us here:
Tel. +49-331-74 09 57 22 or via e-mail d.schiffer<at>changers<dot>com


What others say about us

Please find a selection of stories from journalists and bloggers about the company, the founders, and the topics we address within Changers. Just click on the logos to get forwarded to the respective articles. Enjoy the read!


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