Change the way you move and do good for the planet

Track your mobility. Save CO2.
Get rewarded.

Earn ReCoins and
live CO2 free!

ReCoin is your new green currency that does good, threefold: during production, when earned and while spending them.
Learn more here.

ReCoin is your new green currency, that does good, threefold. In the production, when earned and when you spend it. Learn more here.

The Changers app rewards you for saving CO2 per each kilometer travelled via bike, bus or train.

The Changers idea

Stay healthy
and happy

Ride your bike or take public transit and get rewarded from Changers for actively saving CO2. More exercise makes you fitter, healthier and happy!

Compete with friends
and have fun

Earn awards and badges for achieving goals. Compare the performance of your city and country with the rest of the world.

Save CO2
and our climate

Sustainable mobility saves CO2 and also provides cleaner air, less noise and better quality of life in cities.

ReCoin: Your currency against climate change


The Changers app not only shows you how much CO2 you already saved, but you can also use your earned ReCoins to purchase CO2 certificates, thus making your car or plane journeys climate neutral. For only 50 ReCoins you can purchase 50 kilograms of CO2 savings in CO2 certificates from us. If you’d like to know more about this, click here.

Reward yourself now!

Download the free Changers app for Android and iOS. Every kilometer counts. Save CO2 and earn valuable ReCoins.