Healthy, smart and digital.

We support companies to increase employee healthiness and productivity in a gamified manner.

Everyone benefits.

Changers CO2 fit encourages your employees to leave their cars behind. With our smart app, commuting by bike, by foot, or switching to public transport pays off, not only for health and environmental reasons.

Easy to participate: just install the App and go

Keep it up: collect bonus points and redeem rewards

Motivate one another: friendly competition against other teams

Help the planet: plant trees rather than redeeming rewards

Easy and secure.

With Changers CO2 fit, the advantages of digital media will augment your workplace health management, HR and CSR. One App with unlimited reach, immediate feedback and light-hearted applications.

The App will be branded with your company logo and individually customized according to your wishes. For example: duration of your challenge, type of team formation, and choice of reward offers.

We operate under stringent data protection regulations and our hosting operates in Germany. All data is encrypted and employees' private data cannot be accessed by their employers.

We provide everything from a single source: personal support, no installation requirements, and individual bonus schemes enable a successful implementation of Changers CO2 fit within your company.

More than the sum of the parts.

The digital Changers CO2 fit system connects company goals in a smart way with greater benefit for all.

Doing good together: plant trees and build our future hand in hand. Create more value for your own actions. That's fun, motivating, and makes sense.

Encourage productivity: get on, take part, and hang on. With Changers CO2 fit, good resolutions turn into healthy and lasting behaviours.

Employer branding: the future-orientated values of your company will be visible. A strong message to current and future employees.

Please feel free to contact us!

We are looking forward to getting to know you. Jointly with you, we can explore the potential of Changers CO2 fit App especially for your company /in your company.


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